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The very popular 3D Printing Nerd AKA Joel Telling partners up with Bill Doran, from Punished Props, to show how to properly sand, prime, paint, and weather a Harry Potter Elder Wand print. Be sure to watch all 42:09 minutes of this goldmine of information to find out the valuable tips and tricks used to turn your prints into stunning finished models.

Bill Doran’s book Foamsmith and Foamsmith 2:

The Elder Wand by jakereeves on Thingiverse:

When your done watching be sure to head over to Punish Props to watch Bill and Joel do some tests on different types of 3D printing filament to see which is best for prop making.

Amulet of Talos Video

Oxidizing Solutions:
Sculpt Nouveau
Sophisticated Finishes

Filaments Tested:
ColorFabb copperFill

Z-Ultrat Filament

Makergeeks PLA Filament…

Matterhackers ABS

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