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Periscope byApacheXMD 01

Sometimes you don’t need anything that fancy out of your printer to produce what your really need in the moment. ApacheXMD started with a length of vinyl gutter downspout and two mirrors. By printing this single printed part twice: a hardy periscope! Want one that is (much) longer? Cut the downspout to taste (and for what you can carry without falling over).

Shared On YouMaginePeriscope by ApacheXMD:

This is a periscope made out of two printed parts, a vinyl downspout from the hardware store, and two mirrors from the craft store. Print 2 copies of the included .stl file… It’s up to you how long of a periscope you want to make….”

Periscope byApacheXMD 04

Periscope byApacheXMD 02

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