Why should I pay more for PLA/PHA 3d printing filament?

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If your child play with this espectacular toy, would you like it to break easily ?

First of all, you should not have to pay more for PLA/PHA, if you do not need specific properties of this blend. If you print only prototype objects that will not been under higher or lower temperature conditions, under weight or strength, you do not need to pay more, you can go directly and print with PLA 3D filament.

The problem starts when you need to print functional and durable objects that need to have certain temperature tolerance, tension, or strength resistance. At this moment you have to decide if you will pay more and go through the biodegradable way or if you save money and print with petroleum base plastic.

Secondly, if you are a 3D printer professional and your 3D printer works with ABS, you could save money printing with ABS. You do not have to pay more for your creation to be long lasting. Otherwise, if you are an amateur in the 3D printing field, the cost of failures printer is more with this material. ABS filament tends to warp so you need more experience to print with it. Also, you have to take certain precautions with ABS printing odor; printer must be in a ventilated area and being careful with external temperature that could affect your ABS print. If your 3D printer is closed your results will be better. Learning to print with ABS is a big challenge. If you can manage time consuming cost, sense of frustration and recycle on a property way all your experiment and bad printers, definitely “will save you money.”


So if your 3D printer only prints PLA, you only have a way to print functional and durable objects: you have to pay the difference between durable or just disposable objects. Quality and durability have an extra cost. You have to pay a little extra and buy PLA/PHA 3D printing filament. Enjoy printing because it is easier to print with. PHA acts as and impact modifier, making PLA stronger so your creation will last.

Why PLA/PHA 3D printing filament is more expensive? The discovery of the first biodegradable plastic was in 1920; it was until the 90’s oil crisis, that researches intensified working on it. Bio plastics market is still relatively young and small, and PHA has associated a longer chemistry production process than PLA.

Manufacturing ABS and PLA filaments have more or less a similar cost. Until now PHA resin cost is higher. While we have being waiting the industry to develop mass process to reduce this cost.

Even thought we have good news for you, our PLA/PHA 3D printing filament is cheaper than others that you can find in a 3D printing market and also have more quantity. Do your own comparison!  

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