About Us

MeltInk is a U.S., family-owned 3D printing filament manufacturing company located in Miami, Fl., with the goal of providing you with the finest quality materials to allow you to make any item you print into a unique work of art.

After a long process of research, testing and processing resins, we are very proud in announcing our very own brand of the highest quality 3D printing filament.

By the end of 2014, we started a new adventure. We researched, tested and processed resins, bound to find a new plastic product: the 3D printing filament. Early results were not bad and immediately after we decided to turn testing into a serious project. Having worked in the plastic extruding industry for over 20 years, we now have developed our own filament extruding line.

Back in the summer of 2015, we were able to establish our own brand and release the highest quality filaments. Within three months we shipped one thousand samples, to national and international markets. We received good feedback on our quality.

Our goal is to ensure we supply the accurate products and improve your 3D printing experience. Our team is focused in testing every product we offer. As a manufacturing company, we know you require a machine that runs all day. This will allow you to get additional time to focus on your next project!

We are focused in providing an outstanding 3D printing filament and quality service to make your 3D printing the best experience ever. Based on our knowledge and skills in the plastic industry for over 20 years, we guarantee our materials exceed the most demanding standards within the industry. We envision having satisfied customers and are enthusiastic in supporting them.

MeltInk 3D will provide you with reliable 3D printing performance. Our 3D printer filament begins with the finest raw materials, which are then processed under the strictest quality standards at every stage of manufacturing. Because we ensure proper moisture control, diameter and roundness consistency, and protect every spool with a thick vacuum sealed bag and silica gel pack, we can guarantee all of our filament is first quality product.

At MeltInk, we control the smallest details because our experience in extruding plastics says this is what provides you with a perfect result.