Lilac PLA/PHA Ø 2.85mm - Meltink 3D
Lilac PLA/PHA Ø 2.85mm - Meltink 3D

Lilac PLA/PHA Ø 2.85mm


MeltInk3D PHA-1K285LIL05 

3D Printer Filament 


Dimensional Accuracy: ± 0.05mm


Our PLA/PHA filament is a blend material. It is built from a PLA platform with proprietary reactive extrusion technology. This technology enables the resin to perform better than the traditional bioplastics in this area by enabling better processing during filament production, increased impact and flexibility in processing and less jamming or breaking in all 3D printers. The 3D resins can be used to produce any size filament needed in the marketplace. The 3D resin is a certified compostable resin from the Biodegradable Products institute in the United States and Din Certco for all European applications. It is food contact approved by Keller & Heckman, with excellent dimensional stability, quality and ease of printing.

PLA/PHA is ideal for rapid prototyping, where parts may be subjected to some kind of force; and utilitarian pieces. Objects printed with MeltInk PLA/PHA filament have a smooth, matte finish and crisp colors. Our PLA/PHA filament works with any printer able to print 3D objects with PLA.

Recommended Use:

  • The suggested printing temperature ranges between 205°C- 230° C.
  • It typically doesn’t require the print surface to be heated, but for large objects, a range of 45°C – 65°C is recommended to prevent warping.
  • Recommended to be used with cooling fan at 80-100%