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Here’s a quick unboxing video for Meltink’s Magenta PLA, and a timely timelapse.



Meltink Unboxing and Timelapse- Valentine’s day edition!
NeoPortnoy 3D Printing

D Printing Kid - 3D Printing and Electronics

It this segment of PICKTHEPINK we see a car, no a pig, no it’s a fish…wait…it’s all THREE! See how MeltInk Magenta makes this prints come to life!

How MeltInk Magenta makes this prints come to life
A Pyro Design

This is a great, smooth-flowing, lower-temperature PLA with a fine surface finish that can be extruded at high rates. It does have a relatively long cooling time, so a healthy amount of print cooling airflow is recommended.

This is a great
Julia Truchsess

This has been the best abs I have worked with. It has a very vibrant color and when printed at higher Temps it gives a shine. Does not seem to have any problems with water absorption.

This has been the best abs I have worked with
Josh Biaggi

This green filament is on of the prettiest colors i have printed with, the quality of my print was one of the best with very minimal cleaning and once cleaned it was a perfect print. everything comes out smooth and very smooth color all over the print. Definitely do recommend this filament.

This green filament is on of the prettiest colors i have printed with
Manny Pena

This Black filament is the best black i have printed with. The first print on black was so smooth all around perfect black all over with no discoloring. also this filament does stick together very well without having to mess with the temperatures of the printer. almost all my prints printed without raft . Definitely recommend this filament to whoever is looking to print perfect smooth models.

This Black filament is the best black i have printed with
Manny Pena



There are many filaments on the market that purport to be “gold”, but most turn out to be more or less brown or yellow, regardless of how golden they’re made to look in photos. Meltink’s Gold PLA is the most truly golden-looking filament I’ve ever used, and it printed perfectly for me at 215ºC on the Zortrax M200 with Z-Temp. I recommend using a lot of fan (I used 100% with a dual-fan modification) with this material to improve the ease of support removal and print definition.

Meltink’s Gold PLA is the most truly golden-looking filament I’ve ever used

Meltink’s PLA/PHA seems to be much more tolerant of extrusion parameters than the other, better-known Dutch PLA/PHA supplier. The other brand tends to jam if the temperature is just a bit too warm or too cool or if the extrusion rate is a bit too fast or too slow. My Zortrax M200 prints its raft very slowly but its support very rapidly, so it’s a good “torture test”. Extruding at 195º C with lots of print fan worked optimally for me, and support removal was easy-peasy. It’s slightly paler with a less rich gold tone than Meltink’s Gold PLA, but still distinctly golden and a good choice where a bit of flex is needed that can’t be achieved with standard PLA.

Good choice where a bit of flex is needed

I love the color . It’s just the right balance of glossy and provides your models a rich dense color.

Rich dense color

This filament prints nice and with a great flow. The color is rich and dense.

Great flow

Excellent silver PLA. Completely opaque with a reflective quality. Ran on default settings on my Maker Gear M2 perfectly.

Excellent silver PLA

I love Meltink’s filament and this PLA is absolutely wonderful to work with. While I prefer the PLA/PHA filament I have found that Meltink has the best filament on the market. I will be doing a LOT of business with them in the future!

Just loved it
Jon D

This filament extrudes very well and also looks brilliant! The gold color pops in a way very similar to real gold!

Very similar to Gold
Alex Vandermark

The lilac produces beautiful, quality prints. I have had no problems with separation or degradation over time.


Congratulations for the excellent work in developing this product, Printing was perfect and there were no problems

This is great!
Tiziana Felice

This material is beautiful. The color is rich and deep. Layer lines are minimal compared to most other filaments using the same settings. Will be buying more soon for sure. Oh, and the ppl that work there are very friendly and great to deal with so bonus.

Gorgeous material

I had to have this filament. I had seen pics of prints using it and I immediately hunted it down and bought a roll. I need to buy another as I have used it all reprinting prints just so that they would be in this color. Prints like a dream.

Had to have

I’m not joking or exaggerating when I say that this is the best material I’ve ever tried. for printing with this filament, i did some adjustments in the height of the layers, the temperature of the bed and extruder in order to get the best printing. once I got the values I thought were the correct ones I decide to print really functional pieces. Eureka! it just printed really screws and nuts and you can spin it so easily and smoothly that they seem to be made of metal. check it on the pics. Extruder temperature: 205-210 °C bed temperature: °C 30-50 fan: 80% Layer height: 0.1mm printer: Maker Select 3D Printer v2

The highest quality filament i’ve try on my 3d printer

it took me some tries to get those values that make the printing looks completely unbelievable. it looks so shiny that you can pretend you have real gold in your hands. even the flexibility and strength of the material is out of this world, you can make a step over it or tighten it and its keeps its form and looks. I have to say I printed like 3 pieces and I tried to destroy 2. I wasn’t able to destroy it with my hands. if you want to fight against this material try to use a really good plier or cutter. Model: Extruder temperature: 205-210 °C bed temperature: °C 30-50 fan: 80% Layer height: 0.1mm printer: Maker Select 3D Printer v2

Blink Blink! Real Gold from MeltInk 3D

Printed in Meltink‘s absolutely wonderful PLA+PHA, using a Z-Temp™ to set extrusion temperature to 215ºC.

Check more of this here:

Glue Dust Tray for Zortrax M200

USA Company MeltInk  is a new contestant in the Olympics. I originally wanted to print replica Olympic medals with their gold and silver PLA and PLA / PHA samples, but instead I used them to revise the spool of thrones holder  that I designed. The gold filament has a rich honey glow that would be great for toys and artistic prints. The silver PLA / PHA likewise was a solid print material with a matte shine that would be good for cosplay props.

Check more here:

1st Annual Filament Olympics

Check this review with all different materials guide and the great ranking Melting has

Materials Guide

Here you can see all the work and comments by Karen with MeltInk3D

MeltInk Filament Review/Comments

Buy some of this AWESOME filament at-

MeltInk Filament Unboxing!
3D Printing Kid - 3D Printing and Electronics

Melt Ink ABS Review
Extreme 3D

Today I am super excited to bring you my prints with the September Maker Box filaments. In this box there was PLA/PHA from MeltInk, Flexible TPU from MakeShaper, HIPS from 3DXTech and Glass filled PLA from 3D-Fuel.

For testing, I will be printing my Maker Coin at 200% scale using all Maker Box filaments from now on. You can check out the model on Thingiverse.

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September 2016 Maker Box Unboxing and Review
Fugatech 3D Printing

Here is the September edition of the Maker Box! A lot of great filament in this one! (As always!) This month includes filament from Cubicity, 3d-Fuel, MeltInk, and 3DxTech with an awesome surprise inside!

Get you fill on at


Maker Box – September
Chris Brown


PLA/PHA Blends – MeltInk
Disrupt It Yourself

This review is a long time coming! Really great stuff. You can get their filaments here: or just do an amazon search for meltink PLA/PHA the Thingiverse files used for this run were and

Next new files coming up: Mike’s vlog about the upgrades done to the printer, and, will PETG work in our setup? (245 max temp with cold bed)

Thanks for watching!

Meltink PLA/PHA Review (FINALLY!)
NeoPortnoy 3D Printing

I have done a lot of testing of filament lately. This one is #meltink3d #filament. And the dragon was found on #Thingiverse.

Timelapse 3dprinting pink dragon
MakerSPACE by webberen

This video is about the stronger material i have ever used for 3d printing .pla/pha has proven to be the best material in the market and the most cost effective yet. Thank you Meltink for this great product in this description you will find the link where you can have this wonderful material he is a local company great product. im not sponsored by them this is my personal opinion it works. great.

PLA/PHA Silver Filament Meltink3d at Extreme Hobbies Miami

Meltink3D Gold PLA and Polymaker PolySupport

Thinking about getting a roll of cheap PLA? Check out this review of PLA filament by MeltInk to know if it’s worth your money! Remember to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date with our latest videos!!!

MeltInk PLA:

Merch Store:


Designs Printed:
Calibration cube:
Dragon keychain:


MeltInk PLA – Filament Review
Think Making

This is such a badass file. You can download and print your own by supporting Carmelo over on Patreon (The guy who made the Batman Mask)

He also has some other exclusive files for supporters! Including a Dredd Helmet

Thanks to MeltInk3D for the Green PLA used in this project!

3D Printed Sugar Skull for Halloweenl
Uncle Jessy

I’m a huge fan of Battlefield 1 and decided I wanted to make my own Spiked Club Replica Prop from the game.

I designed the file in Autodesk 123D on my iPad and have made the files available for you to download and print yourself.

You can download and print one yourself:

Thanks again to Meltink3D for supplying the PLA for this project. You can pick some up for yourself below:


3D Printed Battlefield 1 Spike Club Replica Prop
Uncle Jessy

We spent 20 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top options for this wiki. We just read that scientists are printing human body parts, like ears, on 3D printers. We’re not sure what type of materials they are using, and whether or not they are available for home use (we could use a new nose). So in the meantime, you’ll have to content yourself with printing prototypes, models and decorative items with these 3D printer filaments.

You can read more here:

6 Best 3D Printer Filaments | February 2017
Ezvid Wiki

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